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1 Year Limited Warranty (T&C applies, warranty excludes human factor damage)

Cayin C9 - Transportable Dual Korg NuTube Balanced Portable Headphone Amplifier

C9 is fully balanced, fully discrete, feature packed, 4-channels high-fidelity headphone amplifier delivers up to 4100mW per channel (at 16?? loading). It supports 3.5mm single-ended and 4.4mm balanced for both input and output, the amplifier will also optimize balanced inputs to single-ended headphones, and from single-end input to balanced headphones.
The Dual Timber circuit allows users to select between Vacuum Tube and Solid State timber on both balanced and single-end inputs. The Vacuum tube timber circuit is a pair of KORG Nutube (miniature double Directly Heated Triode vacuum tubes) while the solid stated timber is designed around a quad-set of Toshiba 2SK209 JFET. The Dual Amplification Operation (DAO) is also a very well received feature because it allows users to switch between Pure Class A and Class AB amplification modes conveniently.

Cayin C9 Portable Headphone Amplifier, featuring
?? 4-channel Fully Balanced Audio Circuit built with Discrete Components;
?? Vacuum Tubes and Solid State Dual Timbre;
?? ClassA and ClassAB Dual Amplifier Operation Mode;
?? 3.5mm Single-Ended and 4.4mm Balanced Input;
?? 3.5mm Single-Ended and 4.4mm Balanced Output;
?? Pure Power Amplifier Mode and more.

Full Spec Sheet TBA

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