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Cayin MINI-CD MK2 Compact Disc CD Player with Digital Output Coaxial I2S

RM 990.00

Cayin RU7 Discrete 1-Bit Portable Dongle DAC Headphone Amplifier with 3.5mm and 4.4mm

RM 1,299.00

[PM best price] Cayin RU6 Portable USB DAC & Headphone Amplifier Dongle 24bit R2R DAC 4.4mm Output

RM 999.00

Cayin MT-12N (230V) with 6P1 Vacuum Tube Valve Integrated Amplifier for Passive Speakers

RM 2,190.00

Cayin N3 Ultra - NOS Tube Portable Digital Audio Player with Dual AKM AK4493S DAC with Leather Case

RM 2,699.00

[PM best price] Cayin CS-100CD [230V version] - Fully Balanced Hi-Fi CD Digital Player with 6922EH Vacuum Tube

RM 6,590.00

Cayin MT-45 MK3 [230V version] KT88 Vacuum Tube Integrated Amplifier with LDAC Bluetooth 5.0 Input

RM 4,890.00

[PM best price] Cayin N8ii - Flagship DAP, fully balanced, fully discrete, ROHM BD34301EKV DAC, Android 9, dual KORG Nutube 6P1

RM 15,000.00

Cayin CS-L2C (Ltng to USB-C) Light ning Type C OTG Cable

RM 85.00

Cayin iDAC-8 Desktop Hybrid Tube DAC & Preamp AKM Flagship AK4191+AK4499EX

RM 4,650.00

[PM best price] Cayin Jazz 80 KT88 - Vacuum Tube Integrated Amplifier with Bluetooth LDAC transmission

RM 6,590.00

[PM best price] Cayin CS-300A [230V version] - 300B Single-Ended Triode Tube Class A Integrated Amplifier for Speakers

RM 13,500.00

[PM best price] Cayin CS-150A [230V version] - Vacuum Tube Integrated Amplifier Triode & Ultralinear Mode

RM 22,900.00

[PM best price] Cayin CS-805A [230V] - Single Ended Triode Vacuum Tubes Pure Class A Integrated Stereo Amplifier with 50 Watts/channel

RM 19,500.00

Cayin MT-50 Plus [230V version] KT88 + 5BK7A Vacuum Tube Integrated Amplifier with aptX Bluetooth Input

RM 5,690.00


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