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Cayin HA-6A | EL34/KT88 Vacuum Tubes Headphone Amplifier with Triode & Ultra-linear Mode

The HA-6A has incurred the proven amplification design of our HA-300. The tube amplification part of the HA-6A is single-ended Class A, and then output from Power Tubes will feed into a pair of output transformer to provide genuine impedance-matched balanced driven headphone outputs (both XLR-4 and 4.4mm).

The design and quality of output transformer plays a very vital part in this approach and Cayin has a very unique advantages in this aspect: we are one of the very few, if not the only, headphone amplifier manufacturer that incorporate transformer design and production in-house. We can design the transformers to output single-end and balanced at different impedance, and wind the transformer in house exactly as design even when we are making high-end amplifier in small production batch.

- Dual operation Mode: Triode & Ultralinear
- User can configure amplifiers for different vacuum tubes
- Impedance matched headphone output
- Provided THREE headphone outputs, support TWO input formats
- NIPPON DICS Pentaconn 4.4mm Balanced Output Support
- Point-to-point wielding with premium wire
- Multi-stage independent power supply, voltage amplification employs independent regulator design, minimum ripple effect of power interference ensures outstanding audio performance, free from any grain and harshness
- Dimensions: 197x322x360 mm

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