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[PM best price] Stax SR-009S Electrostatic headphone

RM 20,399.00

STAX SRS-005S MK2 (SR-003 MK2 + SRM-252S combo package) Electrostatic Earphone and Electrostatic Energizer

RM 3,125.00

STAX SRM-D10 - Hi-Res Compact Electrostatic Amplifier (with DAC) DSD128

RM 4,799.00

[Limited Promo] STAX SRS-3100 Combo (SR-L300 Electrostatic Ear Speaker + SRM-252S Driver Unit Combo)

RM 3,625.00

[PM best price] Stax SR-L700MKII SR-L700 MK2 - Electrostatic headphone with detachable cable

RM 6,600.00

[PM best price] Stax SR-003MKII SR-003 MK2 Electrostatic in-ear monitor

RM 1,499.00

[PM best price] Stax SR-007MKII SR-007 MK2 Electrostatic Headphone from Japan

RM 9,799.00

[PM best price] Stax SR-L500MKII SR-L500 MK2 Advanced Lambda series Earspeaker Electrostatic Headphone

RM 3,499.00

[PM best price] Stax SRM-252S Electrostatic headphones energiser

RM 2,199.00

[PM best price] Stax SR-L300 advanced Lambda series Earspeaker Electrostatic Headphones

RM 1,899.00


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